3 comments on “Cowboy Bebop Review

  1. To be blunt, you’re blog is pretty terrible. I see you advertising it all over the damn place so I thought I’d drop in to tell you what I think, because someone has to.

    First, the design isn’t appealing, and the banner doesn’t do much to help. The repeating background is lazy, and it makes some of the text unreadable without highlighting, which is annoying. To be more specific and picky, in this post you have 5 screencaps from the show you’re reviewing, and without a 6th it makes it look unbalanced and unattractive, plus it offsets the text and the padding looks atrocious. Then, there’s the name of your blog, “skittyzfreak Anime Blog”, you know, a little creativity never hurt.

    So immediately my first impression of your blog was that I’d accidentally stumbled upon another mediocre commentator trying to be like more well known blogs that might have inspired you to do this. But then it got worse.

    Blogs like chikorita’s and Lost in Anime might not be the most eye catching things I’ve seen, in all honesty I think they’re designs are pretty dull, but they have one thing that keeps me coming back: content. What did I take away from this review? Absolutely nothing. The first paragraph was a summary, which can be copied and pasted from anywhere, and then the second (which I’m assuming is supposed to be some kind of opinion) is a mixture of generic, unsupported “yeah that was good” comments and uninspired remarks. Seriously, you need to find your voice, because you sound like the hundreds of others who think they have something meaningful to say, but have no idea how to say it. Plus, why did you give it a 9? You didn’t even list any negatives?

    From the other reviews I’ve read you don’t seem to have any idea what the hell you’re talking about, and this seems to be more of a fangirl blog then a review blog. Which is cool, but don’t expect many readers. You know, there are hundreds of anime blogs out there, episodic blogs, editorial blogs, and combination blogs, and the only way anyone will specifically want to type your URL in hoping for updates day after day is originality, and you lack it.

    Why would I come here when I can easily go to Randomc, Star Crossed, LiA, Sea Slugs, Sekijitsu, Metanorn, or Hanners’ for more detailed, opinionated, constructive, supportive, and often times more humorous reviews?

    Why would I come here when I can easily go to Baka Raptor, Desu ex Machina, or THAT for awesomely insightful and hilarious editorials?

    I just named 10 amazing blogs that have hundreds of thousands of readers, and I could name even more (Cart Driver, Kurogane, etc), and they all have one thing in common: they’re unique. There’s NOTHING on this blog that I couldn’t find 100x better on another.

    That’s how it is.

    • Thank you, I advertise because I wanted to find out what I needed to improve my blog. I’ve gotten a few little suggestions, but you by far have given me what I’ve been needing. Yet again I say thank you.

      • I came back to read your response and already noticed improvement with the layout. To be honest it looks much better.

        I hope I didn’t come off too arrogant, I just wanted to be straight with you, of course most of what I said was subjective anyway, so take it as you will. Good luck, the anime blogging world is cruel, especially when there are already so many established blogs out there. I am not one of them, I don’t have the patience or personality for it, but you seem to be on the right track.

        (One huge tip, tag your images, if you haven’t already. It increases traffic a lot in the long run.)

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